ALLIED POWER SOLUTIONS (APS), an ISO 9001:2008 certified & UL listed LPS installer company was established in 2005 with a mission and vision to the safety concern of electrical systems in various sectors.
Lightning Arrester
Surge Protection Device
Ground Enhancement Material
Chemical Earthing
Earth Pit Chamber
Lightning Warning System
Automatic Transfer Switches
High Voltage Shielded Cable
Pv Surge Arresters
Lightning Strike Recorder
Ground Resistance Improvement Powder
Exothermic Welding
Surge Protection Device for Apartments
High Voltage Shielded Cable for Telecommunication Industry
Copper Bonded Rod
Earth Pit Covers
Earthing and Bonding Products
Powerline Protection Products
Earthing Electrode
Surge Protection Devices for Industrial Applications
Surge Protection of Photovoltaic Systems
Pipeline System Protection
Insulation Monitoring Devices
Advance Lightning Protection System
Reslow Grounding Minerals
Earth Pit Cover
Earthing and Bonding
Powerline Protection
Telecomunications and Data
Arresters for Protection Of Power Supply Systems
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